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Below are links to various items related to science, the UH88, and other miscellaneous things. Enjoy!



Astronomical Unit Conversion - Kevin Volk's Conversion Webpage
Spitzer Photometry - Colin's Spitzer Image Analysis Page (currently broken)

UH88 Related

Webcams - UH88 Webcams Page
AllSky Camera - UH88 Allsky Camera Page
UH88 Schedules - UH88 Schedules Page
UH88 Weather Plots - Luke's UH88 Weather Page
UH88 Weather Plots - Colin's UH88 Weather Page
UH88 Documents & Drawings - UH88 Scanned Documents and Drawings Page
Photometric Monitoring Camera - UH88 Photometric Monitoring Camera Page

UH88 Forms

Nightlog - UH88 New Nightlog Form
Tek/OPTIC Filters - Tek/OPTIC Filter Request Form
Tour the UH88 - UH88 Tour Form
Vehicle Use - UH88 Vehicle Use Form
IfA Visitor Request Form - Complete this when planning a visit to IfA

Other Things

PHP Test - Test page to check if php is installed/working
IfA Homepage - IfA Homepage
IfA Calendar - IfA Calendar